Your Wish is Your Command
The LAW of ATTRACTION is REAL, Your Wish is your command EXPLAINED

Hello there, the law of attraction brought us together today… so let’s pause and give some gratitude, acknowledgment and recognition for that. Trust me… it’s a miracle. I’m just like you. In fact I am you. Remember that.


Pause and think how lucky you are right now….PAUSE ...Touch your heart… physically.

  Just try and consciously connect to your heart at least two or three heart beats. This way you connect to the law of attraction and the ENERGY… remember the saying “everything is energy vibrating at a different frequency. This is HOW IT WORKS.

Now. I have gone through so much personal development information I could write a book. … but I’m not.


I’m just going to share with you my story and the “crème de la crème” of personal development … you have never heard. And if you have,… here is the true story and origins of some of the data


I will do my best to add some imagery to make the reading of  My Law of attraction story explained easier you to follow and enjoy, but mainly to give you a time line of my life during my personal development journey… starting in 2010


I first got introduced to the world of personal development when I watched the movie THE SECRET and read the book THINK AND GROW RICH. By Napoleon Hill back in June 2010 I was flabbergasted when I hear what was being revealed to me about the law of attraction and universal laws and practices. 

So I deep dived right into it all.

I met Bob Proctor and bumped into him 4 times. He’s passed over to the other side, but his legacy is all free and on youtube.

He personally directed me to read the LAW OF SUCCESS in 15 MANUSCRIPTS (1925). Which I did.  And to understand what was going on back then in the early 1900s with the information from Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Firestone and a bunch of other extremely rich men, and how they were directly using the law of attraction to their greedy benefit, and not sharing the information. .. Those men formed and became part of a “brotherhood. Just sharing tips tricks and techniques that they have been using to grow their wealth. But they only shared this information with themselves and others in the peer group or family members only.


The masses never got access to the books or materials teaching this information. So the “Brotherhood” of the wealthy was pretty secretive. Over generations this “”Brotherhood”” shared and MENTORED select people over time.
Napoleon Hill was one…
…and so is Kevin Trudeau.


Kevin Trudeau, now, this man was just recently release from prison because he was trying to share the information to others. That story is to long and to boring to discuss… I’m all about INFORMATION, DATA.